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As social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter transform the way companies communicate.While most of us spend lot of time on facebook in chatting and playing online games,the world’s most popular social networking site now combined the blend of studying and networking.

Users can now pursue a Masters of Business Administration, or MBA from British school while playing Farmville. Yes that’s right because of two British students, Aaron Etingen and Valery Kisilevsky at the London School of Business and Finance. They have created an application on Facebook where users complete Masters of business Administration course of study in Facebook at free of cost.

The new Facebook application for the “Global MBA” offered by the London School of Business Finance allows students all over the world to access lecture videos, course materials, notes, tests, and interactive case studies, managing director Valery Kisilevsky tells the New York Times.

According to The New York Times the application was released last month and Some 30,000 students are already registered for the New Age MBA.

Students anywhere in the world can access these courses with just a click of a mouse including-accounting, corporate finance, ethics, marketing and strategic planning.

The only cost for the courses is exam fees. The total cost of the online MBA degree is about$23,000—the same amount paid by the school’s 15,000 other distance-learning and campus students.